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Imbewu the Seed: Buhle falls in love with a man who will kill her

Imbewu the Seed: Buhle falls in love with a man who will kill her

While you're here, please follow me

It finally became clear that Buhle was not kidding or being paranoid when she said that there's someone following and framing her for doing drugs and being unreliable! But why though? Buhle is a regular at Emsamo and she's just one of those people who run outside of their homes when they feel overwhelmed because she feels misunderstood by her family. Because she's always in some alcohol drama, the day drugs were found in her room, her family didn't think twice before believing that she's an addict. She maintained her innocence and said she'd never take a drug test because they need to believe her. One person believed her though; Zakithi. She believed her even more when a car followed them from gym on a recent episode. Later that day, Buhle was almost kidnapped and her ex Zenzele, "saved her". He has been a darling from then and just grounds Buhle, being a voice of reason for her!

What she doesn't know though, is that this man is back to destroy her and her family. That he's working with the people who almost kidnapped her. She and everyone else are unaware that this man is responsible for Nirupa's shooting and that her family is next on the list. When they targeted Nirupa at the Bhengu wedding, they had already said that their payback is against both the Rampersad and Bhengu family! Why? This ex is related to a family of criminals who was killed by Nirupa and crossed by the Bhengus.

The saddest part in all of this is that Buhle will fall for this man and give herself to him then have to pick up the pieces after he has destroyed her and her family! Everyone loves him, including Thu who is Nirupa's nephew!

Buhle's life is in danger😭😭💔And Zenzele will act as her saviour 🚮🚮💔 #ImbewuTheSeed #imbewu

Scenes when this [man] actually falls in love with Buhle. #ImbewuTheSeed

Nirupa mara 🙉🤦🏽‍♀️. I even forgot she killed Lungani 😭😭 #ImbewuTheSeed

Lapho they are happy to see Zenzele the snake😬😳🥺😫 #ImbewuTheSeed #imbewu

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