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Video: Watch Connie Ferguson reveals that she is depressed on a video she shared because of this


Since veteran actor Shona Ferguson died a few months back Connie had to pick up the pieces and move even though it was very hard. After all they used to do almost everything together and now that her life partner is no longer with her she had to learn to live without him. The death of Shona left the whole country devastated and we are still mourning his death till today, that was a huge loss for us as a country. For Connie the death of her husband is much harder for her as she is only left with memories to live with. They shared their lives together for about two decades and they had a very beautiful love story. It's really sad that their time was cut short as death separated them.

Connie recently shared a video of her and her family while Shona was still alive and left everyone touched. The couple had a happy family and it really sad that he is no more and he is no longer here to spend time with them. On the video Connie talked to Shona about her addiction of peanut butter as she said she is really addicted to peanut butter. She asked Shona that is it possible that a person can be addicted to peanut butter and he responded saying that it is possible. On the video Connie said that she is even becoming depressed because of addicted she is to peanut butter and they laughed as a family. 

It's really sad that she won't be able to have such moments again with her husband and she is only left with memories, these memories will always remind her what a great husband Shona was to her and she will forever cherish each and everyone of them. Shona was the light in her life and she is adjusting each day and learning to continue with her life without the love of her life. These memories are so unique and beautiful and unconditionally, May God keep her strong. This is so priceless and irreplaceable, Endless love and Endless memories.

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