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Amanda DuPont wanted Podcast and chill canceled.

Last week we had a heavy week filled with rape allegations against Jub Jub /Molemo Marohanye.Amanda DuPond accused Jub jub of allegedly sexually abusing her .This follows a podcast and chill with Mac G where Jub jub was interviewed and mentioned that he "smashed" Amanda Dupond.This however sis not sit well with Amanda and she took to her Instagram live video telling everyone that Molemo sexually abused her for 2 years.

Mmasechaba said she believes Amanda and she also said she was sexually abused by Jub Jub at his mothers house.There was a cougar who also claimed Jub Jub raped her.Mama Jackie,Molemo's mom took to the social streets via a voice note defending her son.Jub Jub has since threatened law suit against the trio for defamation of character.

Amanda DuPond took the cancel route culture to cancel Podcast and chill with MacG ,saying what MacG does is let these men speak and degrade women on his show.Black twitter was divided into two,some who believe and stand with Amanda DuPond and some with MacG.At has looked as if Amanda has shifted focus on her perpetrator and went for macG.MacG would later demand an apology from Amanda but she said NO ,serving him back with letters from her attorneys.

Is the cancel culture a good thing or is it done prematurely?

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