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Opinion: Mzansi shares thoughts surrounding the latest Something Soweto picture

-The same people who are all over Samthing Soweto are the same people who have been telling us it's rude to ask or comment about their weight loss or gain. Today they are performing online diagnosis on Samthing Soweto's health state. Hypocrisy has been normalized.

-Samthing Soweto never left music, he just took a break to transform he's image and musical look but he's manager stated that, in order for that to happen, he had to become sick first coz he was starting to gain a lot of weight and that kind of drained he's energy. You will bash and laugh at everything without knowing any truth. I blame your stupidity 🤦🏾‍♂️

-The same people who are unhappy....insecure about their lives and come here to spread hate and negativity just to make themselves feel better....the same people who are angry that their mothers/fathers didn't love them....the same people who missed their opportunities in life and they are now angry at everyone who is leaving their dreams...hence they rejoice whenever someone is at their lowest....the same people who think the world owes them something....and last but not least..the same people who need a hug and a serious prayer...

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