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I do not love him anymore, I am just pretending :Thando Isencane Lengane

In the episode 23rd October 2021, Isencane Lengane on channel 157 moja love at 8pm CAT, we saw Thando finally speaking up with her mother, the Dlamuka's watched the show together along with Thando.they watched the episode where Siyacela was in Durban with his new lover Manto. For ovias reasons, Thando got angry, she walked out of the room to her house in pain and anger. It was a very awkward moment for this Dlamuka family that evening, they first laughed but it all ended in tears. Babdlamuka broke down in tears and disappointment. It's very sad what his son is Doing. Siyacela 's sister Mabongi who's about to get married was in the room too. We hope she will not change her mind about getting married since his own brother is doing this to Thando . Siyacela's stubbornness broke his family into pieces and his wife Thando. And after this I do not think she will ever change her mind. This whole experience is painful, embarrassing and disgusting. It just shows how much Siyacela does not value Thando anymore. We also saw Thando going home to her family, which is a great idea because this is where she get all the support and genuine love from her own mother and grandmother who raised her, it is a good idea that when one is in pain, surrounds themselves with people who have unconditional love for them. Yes the Dlamukas love Thando and thee father also has been a great support but unfortunately they will not encourage Thando to leave their son, for ovias reasons, to avoid embassments they will definitely tell Thando to hold on. But one thing is that, Thando has a bright future ahead of her, she has greater future plans and she's not going to stop at nothing but to chase her dreams. Thando was annoyed when she saw her husband holding hands with another woman on national TV, she felt disrespected and embarrassed about this episode and learning about her husband 's cheating on public. This is heartbreaking, in her diary session, she commented on Zinhle' s looks and her age, also the fact that she's old. She uttared words like"she's an old shit who urinated beer"this are the words of angry woman. Not to discredit any woman but it is normal for any woman to make such nasty comments about a man who is seen cheating with their husband's. She went to her home in Nkandla where she was raised, upon her arrival, Thando asked to speak to her mom in private and she told her about her experiences in this marriage. The mother was shattered and told her child that she's always welcomed back home as she will always be her baby girl. Thando opened up and even mentioned that they do have physical fights with Siyacela, she fights back, she won't let any man hit her. Her mother was so broken and disappointed but at the same time held herself together in support of her baby girl. She also asked her what is she planning to do about this and weathee she still loves Siyacela or not. And Thando said something shocking, she said she does not love Siyacela anymore, she's just pretendong. Currently she will just keep quiet and pretend till she finishes her matric then she will leave. And she even said that the say she walks away she's never going back.

Well Siyacela does not deserve Thando at all. We are proud of her to make this bold decision. Gooduck Thando girl and we wish you well on your studies.

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