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The girl who was on drugs wants to be set free and doesn't need help from anyone, see full details.

The girl who was on drugs wants to be set free and doesn't need help from anyone anymore.

Comedian Capitan livhu was helping a girl Jane who is a drug addict and livhu was helping her but yesterday on online capitan livhu's channel she said she wants her space and she misses her friends. She saying that she doesn't need livhu's help anymore.

Jane is a drug addict, everything Livhu the Capitan was trying to do is to help her, according to capitan Livhu he tried everything for Jane and he sacrificed alot from a child that is not he's own or relative, all he did was trying to help Jane.

Capitan Livhu also Called for help from the community the nation and the following groups Nrand insurance, Wau group, Twins funerals, Marshall save more, John grave, he further explained that he went to Johannesburg looking for hospital that can help Jane to stop from being a drug addict and he said Jane refused to go to rehab, and according to he did not give up from helping Jane he tried to talk to her but Jane does not want to be help anymore.

Yesterday on online capitan livhu's channel Jane told everyone including capitan livhu that she wants her privacy and she doesn't feel free with livhu anymore she wants to to because she also misses her friends.

According to livhu yesterday he tried to make her stay but he can't hold her against her rights because he might end up being arrested for holding someone against her will the reason why he did a fairwell online it's because he did not want the nation and the community to blame him if something happens to her.

The last words Capitan livhu said was that he played his part with devotion and love. 

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