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ENGEN workers beating up a customer

Source: bb breaking_news/newsroom_page05

As a Journalist I have nothing to promote people Just have to behave themselves when they are in garages. The fact is that this is how to discipline blacks but whites are not allowed to do this if a black guy behave like this, we call them racists as South Africans but that Jc racist.

Two men where beaten up by ENGEN workers after misbehaving at the garage. People are saying that It's always the silent type of people with hands in pockets who smacks these misbehaving people.But the other guy tried to stop by the fight but he got sanitized at the eyes because It's how he approaches so casually with his hands in his pockets as if he's not about to start an operation of stoping the fight. The sanitizer changed from being protection to a weapon.People of South Africa are requesting the arrest for assault at workers of ENGEN because they are beating up customers and it is not the first time. Other people are saying that they love the "All For One & One For All" energy that Engene employees always bring to these beatings you try one of them & everybody comes for you, rightly so cause honestly these guys are some of the nicest service providers so anyone on the receiving end was provoking them.

Source: bb breaking_news/newsroom_page16

The Engen in Namibia knows how to deal with bad people. There's that one of a white guy who tried leaving without paying also. The white guy also got a beating and ENGEN employees are needed here in SA.

Source: bb breaking_news/newsroom_page71

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