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Biggest secret why Uyajola99 presenter Jub left Kelly Khumalo

Jub jub revealed that Kelly Khumalo use muthi for her partners and it makes it makes it hard for them to leave her, Jub dropped the files while he was interviewed by Mc G podcasts

Kelly is using muthi that is not news even on her show she was consulting and going to the village for ancestors do. She is not ashamed of it, she is a sangoma and from where I come from sangomas use muthi.

Definitely Kelly Khumalo is gonna admit the muthi using thing trust me just let MacG interview her, The negative association with muthi/amayeza esentu is another level of ignorance.

I hope he’s not trying to place the blame on Kelly for what he did, and mentioning her using muthi to validate it.

However there are many celebrities who are using muthi but they act new when it’s said that Kelly uses it. It doesn’t really matter, there are manny reasons why people use muthi, we’re Africans and we know this.

Why is anyone surprised Kelly Khumalo is a well known sangoma she doesn't even hide sangoma's & muthi go hand in hand can't separate the two. It's a different thing if she uses her muthi for evil to further her ambitions.

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