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TV Presenter Found Out She Has HIV At The Age Of 22, Read Below To Know Everything

Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba, the 31-year-old moderator of Honey TV, wrote herself a letter in which she forewarned her younger self about potential outcomes in her life.

Nozibele, who found out she was HIV positive when she was 22, claimed that she went through a tough time afterward.

Successful creator, TV host, and award-winning YouTuber now advises her younger self to relax.

"Please read: Your hope lies in me. Today is August 15th, 2013. You will learn some shocking information this evening. Something will happen that will drastically alter your life. The attendant at the wellness day event will confirm that you are not imagining things ""She arranged"

"Nothing about it will look authentic. In typical Nozi fashion, you'll look for any possible reason to doubt the accuracy of the findings and provide evidence to support your position nonetheless. Most likely the unit used for testing was defective. The rapid test is guaranteed by scientists to be nearly 100% accurate. Who knows, maybe you're part of the top 1%. In contrast to what was just discussed, there is nothing. You unquestionably have the HIV virus, "she went on with it

Mrs. Nozibele Qamngana


She encouraged Nozi, then 22 years old, to persevere since she knew that change would not come easily.

"Child, you're in for a rough few years. There will be no more suffering like you've known in the past. You'll experience a few nervous breakdowns and feel like you'll never act naturally again. Regardless, I feel obligated to reassure you that everything will be fine. As time goes on, things will become better. No, Nozi, this will not work out more or less by chance. Feel the frustration build up and peak. It'll be better from here on out, I promise "written with a composed Nozi.

"There has been a lot of change during the past nine years. You've made it to the top as a prominent innovator in the fields of media production, podcasting, video hosting (you've even won a grant for YouTube), and social entrepreneurship. Wena stupid, yaassss. Look at how you've used the very thing you feared would kill you to bring about positive change in your life. You undeniably have a wide range of impacts, "It was her turn to create.

Nozi also fronts the brand-new Honey TV series Yes, I Have HIV. She helps those who must tell their loved ones and friends that they are HIV positive.


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