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Podcaster From MacG's podcast took a photo with her partner. Check response from comment section

Apparently, Tebogo Thobejane, who is part of the podcast from MacG, which has the ladies podcast. She is seen in a picture with someone who Musa Khuwula reported is her partner, who is from Nigeria. They have been calling them for their most loved and famous dish, which is called Jollof rice. It is very popular, and they loved it a lot.

Even with South Africans, they have their own, which are many; Mala Mogodu, Kota and many more. Tebogo stated clearly on the podcast with MacG few months back that she was single at the time. But then, at the moment, she does not look single anymore, even though she did not confirm the report from the famous person, Musa's report.

If MacG comes to realize that she is no longer single, he would call her because they are working together on the podcast but under different segments. She founded a club in Sandton and hopes to provide for her son, who attends a boarding school with exorbitant fees. That is why she needed another source of income.

But since it is reported she has a partner, some people on social media are speculating that she does not own the club. Mbhali said she is working at the club and it is not owned by Tebogo, while other people think the real owner of the place is her partner. As much as it is known to the public, she is the owner and it is something that people shout all the time about ownership.

Their many brands that a specific black individual claimed to own and it is later reported that they are in front of the brand due to their fame. Most of them, it was proven that they don't own that specific brand, but they have been saying all the time they own it. There is no problem with not being the owner; the problem is with someone saying they own it buy they don't own it. Julius Malema was disappointed when he got the same disappointment from someone he did not reveal.

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