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Remember Big Show?? Here's Pictures Of His Body Transformation

As everyone probably knows by now, we're living in the pandemic age of 2021 whereby the human species is currently facing a deadly covid-19 virus that's threatening the existence of humankind.

Now, believe it or not, as much as we're shocked about the virus, one thing else that shocks us, is Big Show. YES, Big Show the wrestler whom we're used to as always being fat is now different from how we're used to him growing up, he has slimmed down his fats.

2021 just never ceases to amaze us, with his recent pictures showing his body transformation, it's now safe that we should refer to Big Show as Small Show, because his body transformation has left our Jaws broken.

Now without any further ado, let's check out Big Show's body transformation, see images below :

As y'all can see, this guy is really not the same Big Show we're used to growing up, he looks totally different now and different in a nice way, as he's now showing more muscles instead of the fats we've known him for

A wise man once said, "nothing lasts forever" and indeed that statement is proven to be correct as Big Show's body is no longer the same, it didn't last forever but changed for the better

Now Big Show is no longer an active wrestler as he was back in the days, he's more into movies and TV shows now. So his sudden body change could be explained by that, maybe he's gearing up for a new movie role or maybe he wanted to see more muscles or it could be plenty of other reasons.

I'm loving the change Big Show, MY BAD, I mean Small SHOW......WHAT DO YOU THINK? LET'S TALK IN THE COMMENTS SECTION

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