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Covid has killed yet another South African actor and legend may you rest in peace

When people are told that covid is here and it's killing people daily they don't take this seriously, ever since this virus came people have lost their loved ones left and right. Kids have turned into orphans overnight because of this virus, women into widows. That's how difficult things are, that's why it's important to do the right things and follow the necessary regulations because this virus doesn't choose it kills everyone.

It has been a tough year indeed, some wounds are still fresh as we have recently had about the death of the former Muvhango actor Luzuko Nteleko who died of brain cancer just a few weeks ago South Africa is still in shock about his death, while we're are still in shock and mourning the of Luzuko has passed away another Muvhango actor has been reported dead.

Mutodi Nesheshe who was a father and husband born in Soweto in 1975 who was well-known as Ndalamo on Muvhango has left people in shock after it was reported that he has passed away. It's alleged that he died of covid on 1 July 2021 death be not proud.

Mutodi's death has touched a lot of people this is not easy, imagine if the news of losing Mutodi who was an actor the person you don't even know personally, but someone you got to meet through TV, imagine what will happen if you lose your loved one, someone, you know personally what will happen? This will break you into pieces that's why it's important to do the right things.

No one knows what happened that Mutodi ended up having this virus but anything it's possible because no one believes that they can be infected with this virus until it happens to someone close to them. It doesn't have to be like that for us to believe that covid kills and it doesn't choose but it kills everyone, you could be next.

Covid is here and it's alive but if we don't take care of ourselves and do what is needed we will end up burying our loved ones or be buried, we just have to stop being ignorant and do the right things. Life is too short Mutodi's death should be a lesson to many of us that one day your happy and healthy with your family the next thing you're permanently gone.

People of South Africa let us not take anything for granted, always wear your masks sanitize, don't go to gatherings keep safe protect your family, and save lives.


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