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Uthando Nes'thembu: MaYeni Did A Lot, That Got People Talking And Tweeting

It looks like there is a recent switch on who is the most meanest and kindest wife in the Mseleku's household. MaNgwabe was apparently seen as the quiet and moody wife from the previous season.From the previous episode of the new season, viewers allegedly felt like she was always moody. When all the wives arranged a surprise party for Mseleku, he was emotional. He cried a lot, all the wives except MaNgwabe also got emotional.That got people talking, they felt like there is a lot allegedly happening that makes MaNgwabe moody all the time. A lot of people felt like MaNgwabe is the meanest and Makhumalo is the kindest, that was judged based on previous season and episodes.The wives do take some time off and spend time together. MaYeni is currently trending becoming twitter users felt like she is the meanest, they feel like she is happy when Mseleku is around but she is moody and rude when she is only with her sister wives.A lot of people feel like MaNgwabe was misunderstood because she is actually the kindest, she is only moody when it comes to Mseleku. It looks like MaNgwabe is not only kind but she is cool with all her sister wives.

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