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How will Zithulele ascape the wrath of Zolani and Lindiwe?The River [Opinion]


For a very long time Emma on the telenovela The River has been fighting her battle alone,and in fear of what people might say when they find out that she has been violated.Emma’s character has portrayed a lot of people who go through the most painful experiences and decide to keep those within themselves.In the meantime they suffer alone and get misunderstood by those who are around them .Even then they decide to keep mum, with fear of how they will be received by their loved ones.

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Emma is the perfect example of how people choose to suffer in silence, than being looked differently from what they have suffered from.It is fortunate that Emma had Lindiwe by her side who at-least supported her.This is a clear description of do not judge the book by its cover ,and to be always kind as you do not know what is the other person suffering from.

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Emma had everyone with her and yet she was alone.When she had Lindiwe by her side she gained the strength she didn’t have and become much more better.She needed someone who would speak some sense to her ,and bring back her reason to live and show how loved she is.See the link below:

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The River writers and producers have touched a very sensitive issue which most people are a victim of.Kudos to them and to Emma for making sure that she feels every pain as if this is really.She made people shed tear’s while watching her.However the truth is finally out in the open and Zolani knows, the truth and knowing how protective he is he will make sure that Zithulele pays for what he has done.

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It seems like Zithulele has found his match but how will he escape the wrath of Zolani and Lindiwe?Wil his power be able to rescue him from this?One thing that has been revealed form this is that ,there a lot of people who are suffering in silence while nobody notices or sees them.Therefore let us give everyone a gift of kindness all the time.

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