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Mzansi Wants Big Brother Cancelled because of this:See here /Opinion


South was excited about the return of Brig brother Mzansi .The show started airing this week and it plays 24 hours a day on the channel.Its known to have content that is not suitable for under 18 but its seems this time they have taken things too far .

Before Big brother used to not show the viewers everything. They used to have showers that were closed so a person can have their privacy while they bath .But now they put showers in the open and there is no privacy at all .

I think its not right for anyone to have their privacy taken from them like that .These people have girlfriends and boyfriend's out there and families who will be watching them hanging their junk while bathing for the whole world to see .Their families will never see them the same again .

Mzansi wants the show cancelled because of that .They think its exposing too much which makes it difficult to watch with family since the show airs 24 hours a day .They think they should put an age restriction of 21 years also.If it was in other African countries they wouldn't show the house mates bathing like that but because this is South Africa where there are no laws .The show is pushing its boundaries.

However its not everyone who would love to see the show go .Some people enjoy seeing people not wearing anything and seeing them bath live on camera .Its what is giving the show so many viewers.

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