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Kelly Khumalo Says She's Getting Rid Of This, See Here

An update on what singer Kelly Khumalo is now doing appears to be what a lot of people do not mind hearing about; this has been the case for several weeks now, and the singer keeps her face right at the forefront of it all, giving the impression that she enjoys the attention that she receives. 

Some people have been following her for one reason, and that is because of the entire Senzo Meyiwa case. These people have been following her for some time now. When it comes to Kelly, many people have a lot of questions, and there has been a lot of hatred directed toward her, but she has been able to block off the negative energy in some way. 

She is obviously aware of some of the things that have been said about her, as Kelly's name has become increasingly commonplace on the timelines. We are aware that this has become the norm. 

And more recently, she has been focusing on ensuring that she keeps people informed about her businesses. In addition, she has made it abundantly clear that she will never allow anything to bring her down. One might say that she takes pleasure in the fact that there is an interest in what she is doing; hence, one could argue that she provides individuals with what it is that they desire. 

It appears from the video that she went to the Medical Aesthetics Center and Beauty Bar where she was filmed in order to get rid of her body hair. It is amazing to see how some individuals resent the fact that they are not receiving what they want from Kelly because she is living her life carefree, yet here we have Kelly loving her life without any worries at all. 

It was speculated by some individuals that Kelly would be sitting at home and crying because she would give in to their demands; however, it appears that this is not something that Kelly is ever going to do. 

At the beginning of the video, she reveals that she went to the Revive Skin and Body Clinic in order to remove the hair from her face, as well as the hair from under her arms and, as she previously mentioned, the hair "down beneath." 


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