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The psychotic Xoli Zondi Zamisa joins Imbewu as Violet, see what she has already done

This lady is a super actor,She knows what she is doing as an actor.We know her from Generation where she was a psycho.She will always make sure that she get what she wants.

She was so obsessed with Nicholas and she was doing everything possible so that Nicholas can love her.She was seducing him every chance she get.

Now she is back on tv she is Violet Vilakazi in Imbewu ,Menzi Vilakazi's wife.She was taken out of the mental hospital by Shongololo.His aim was to reveal to Mazulu that Menzi has a wife and it backfired.Menzi is angry and he wants the Maluju shares from Shongololo.He is regretting himself for bringing her in the first place.She started to be crazy inside the Bhengu house and threaten them.She was sent back to mental hospital where she tried to kill herself because she think that Menzi want to divorce her.

Lets hope her character wont end soon because fans really like her.

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