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Skeem Saam :Meiki Will Be Left Dumbstruck After Sikes Comes After Her

Meikie Maputla is on a ton fire at her preliminary In #SkeemSaam 

I don't believe Meikie's doing herself equity for her forthcoming preliminary. She ought to be key in her fight so she can prevail upon the relatives. 

She will be under a ton fire at her preliminary, Bopape gave her a strategy and she's not utilizing it. Seems like Meikie won't ever acknowledge Zamo as John's child. Meikie needs to acknowledge Zamo as John's child, yes,but we should not fail to remember how this child came to be in any case. The way that she didnt take off from the house and apologized is sufficient for me, if she implies it is her business. 

I disdain how John is all over with regards to Zamo. She attempted to reconcile with Kwaito, yet rather John needed her to wipe the slate clean with MaNtuli also, rather than initial step at a time. Meikie isn't permitted to blow up and recuperate, similar to she shoud acknowledge everything very much like dat. 

The thing rushes to loathe Meikie's 's character failing to remember that how was dealt with her by her closest companion n spouse is extremely terrible. She is designated" unpleasant and needs everything to be about herself " they fail to remember that her closest companion laid down with her man and had a child. 

I think Leeto was correct Meikie should simply separate from John. There's a lot of strain. I believe it's the ideal opportunity for Meikie to leave John. Plainly they won't ever agree with regards to Zamo. Neither one of them is cheerful. They need to give up in any case ke bona go tswa setopo ka mo ga Maputla. Mantuli where it counts she needs Zamo to acquire something from Jonh Maputla yet is frightened of Meiki. Well she was never frightened when she cheating despite her good faith. Atleast she payed with the firearm shots presently let Zamo partake in his advantages. 

Joyce is the main individual that can take care of Meiki. Leeto has taken on his mom's mentality, he was soo frustrated to the great Noah is doing, all he needed was inconvenience and more difficulty coz dat Meiki likes seeing other in a tough situation.

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