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Dj Sbu Furious At MacG and Jub Jub Gay Joke. Much more Exposed

There are two things that happened in the MacG/Jub Jub interview that South Africa has surprisingly not realized. Let us finally expose some factors concerning the MacG and Jub Jub interview that South Africa is failing to see. We lay to rest many suspicions and bring other hidden ones to light.

During the interview, Jub Jub made a number of gay jokes and pointed at jail sexual encounters. MacG made an unsavory joke, saying that Dj Sbu is one of the gays that he knows, during the Jub Jub podcast interview. How this all started, was when Jub Jub asked the co-presenter if his partner is male or female, before turning on MacG and asking him if he would date a gay man. Why Jub Jub will ask such questions is quite interesting. MacG, coming to his own defense, said that he is not homophobic and knows many gay people including Dj Sbu. The pair burst into laughter after MacG mentioned that.

The former Metro FM Dj is furious, for the candid unsolicited mention of his sexuality. He is furious for good reason. But let us expose a few things that happened that seem not to have caught the eyes of many.

Firstly, Dj Sbu's sexuality was brushed over distastefully by MacG. No one deserves to be spoken of sexually, publicly in any way. Many people have focused on the sexualization of Amanda du Pont but didn't quite pause to think that a grown man was also spoken about too. It shouldn't be a usual case, that only women can be sexualized wrongly. That norm needs to be changed.

Secondly, Jub Jub made countless homosexual references, unsolicited. No one asked, yet he went there. Is there any man who has no homosexual tension, that speaks about as many homosexual stories without being asked, as much as Jub Jub did? Let me break it down: When asked how he spent his first day OUT of prison, he instead spoke about his first day IN prison. He spoke of men having sexual intercourse, and one ' self-service.' If you see this as an err, that he probably heard the question wrong, think again. He then went on about a gay man cleaning his room. Still, no question to incite such an answer from MacG. He asked MacG if he would date a gay person, MacG initially agreed, while Jub Jub seemed to enjoy the answer, probing further until MacG retracted his statement.

Jub Jub then turns to ask the co-host if he is dating a man or woman - without reason to do so. He also askes MacG the same question, a couple of times - again, without reason. His questions about homosexuality were isolated and weirdly placed amidst conversation. You see where this is going right?

The country is looking in one direction, at the Amanda story, when there is a far more interesting one brewing, right in front of our noses.

What are your thoughts?

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