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Gladys Finally Revealed Something Deep That Breaks Melusi's Heart For The First Time In #Gomora

Gladys Finally Revealed Something Deep That Breaks Melusi's Heart Where He Least Expected 

Source: Hashtag #GomoraMzansi Twitter page

Melusi is shocked for days. Was it fair for Gladys to exclude him from Thandoluhle's burial? Not Gladys taking up Space and telling Mel where to get off. Am happy Gladys told Nthathi the truth about Langa, see how free and at peace she is now. She was even able to tell Papa where to get off. Mzansi does nor care and don’t feel sorry for Melusi. He must continue to enjoy his life with Thati as he planned and leave his old family alone. Actions have consequences

My heart after seeing Melusi crying. Hope Melusi find some happiness with his slay queen. Wonder how He managed to stay such a long time with a petty, selfish snake like Gladys. But they both have secrets so it will end in tears too. melusi he suffering from midlife crisis....two women don't know whom to choose. Both equally accidentally killed his kids. Oh what a difficulty for him.

Melusi character represents many men in our communities who abandon their homes to run after skirts, then expect to find things as they were when they decide to go back. Melusi thought they were gonna wait for him come back from Hoeing before the lay the newborn to rest. No woman deserves to go through pregnancy journey all alone Melusi was selfish throughout this period.

Where was he after he lost that child? A person who belongs to the streets must make his bed there and rest in it. 

Imagine Gladys’ pain of losing a child and on top of that having to beg Melusi to be present. Let him cry it’s his turn. He was at the hospital when it happened and the next day he was attending a beauty contest with his side chick, so Gladys must wait for him to finish hoe duties first? He dribbled himself. There’s a price to pay for bofebe and he’s paying it, let him be!

This Gladys character is changing/saving lives... women in toxic marriages must see this kind of content more often.

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