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Uthando Nes'thembu: MaKhumalo has a nosey friend with a bad attitude

On this weeks episode of Uthando Nes'thembu we got to see MaKhumalo in her element while hosting her show on Vuma FM and she looked stunning! It was lovely to see her reclaiming her dreams and becoming the embodiment of them. I think sometimes getting married can mean that you give up on what truly makes you happy.

She, however, is blessed with a husband that understands. During her confessional (where the wives are always styled fabulously) she told us all about how supportive he is. She explained that sometimes he will eat fruit or she will cook before taking off. She also pointed out that he is in business himself and travels often to Durban where she is. They still make time for each other.

This was enough of an explanation for me as a viewer, but along came Lihle Tshabalala, a friend of MaKhumalo who thought she needed to explain more. She asked prying questions about her "turn" asking if Mseleku still made time for her and making snide remarks about how she wouldn't help her if she was part of the marriage as a sister wife.

Now don't get me wrong. These questions would have been fine, even expected, during a private lunch with a friend... Away from the cameras. In isiZulu we have a phrase for a friend like this, "impoxi". Loosely translated it means a person who disappoints or tries to humiliate you in front of other people.

You could tell that MaKhumalo was uncomfortable the whole time and trying to steer the conversation elsewhere. But of course this only made her friend double down on her assertions. It wasn't easy to watch. But it's a lesson for all of us.

Don't surround yourself with people like that. With people who don't care about your boundaries even when you make them clear. It is simple not worth it. You do not have to justify your life choices to anyone who is not involved.

Remember to drink water and mind your own business!

Did you watch this weeks episode? What did you think?

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