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Lulu Menziwa is very smart woman and you should be inspired by her. OPINION

Lulu Menziwa always knew what she wanted as a little girl she dreamed and worked very hard to see her dreams come true. She is a qualified school teacher by proffesion she works at a local government school. She is very passionate about her work which is to help and groom the next generation so that they may have a bright future. She is a community hero infact she should be celebrated not just her but all the teachers at large , they do a very important job for the community.

It's so amazing how she transitioned from just being a school teacher to also becoming a very successful fashion model. She has build her name to become a brand , as she went on to become a one of the most popular social media influencers in the country. She now has a huge fan base numbers don't lie she has a massive following on her social media platforms. She now probably earns a fortune as a social media influencer and brand ambassador as she represents various local and international fashion and beauty cosmetics brands. She is also venturing into entrepreneurship and very soon she will be a renowned businesswoman.

Lulu is brave woman she is a perfect example of a strong African woman , she never allowed critics to affect her passion as she pursued her dreams. She is a very good role model to many kids out there she leads by example , as they say that education is key to success she studied and graduated to become a professional school teacher. She went on to pursue her other interests in model and went on to become one of the best in country. When she started to become famous she was often critized by many people saying a school teacher should not doing what she does. but she never allowed haters to stand in way of her dreams and today she is living the dream.

The lesson we should learn from Lulu is that follow dreams and don't stop at nothing until you reach your desired destination. It's never too late to pursue your dreams because some people are doing jobs they hate because of fear of change and scrutiny. The what will people say syndrome has destroyed many careers , don't fall short follow dreams believe in yourself archive your goals and live to tell the tale.

The picture below it's of Lulu Menziwa standing in a classroom teaching the children.

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African Lulu Menziwa


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