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Mzansi TV Presenter You Did Not Know Are Sangoma

Mzansi TV Presenter You Did Not Know Are Sangoma


Being a Sangoma is a gift from God even though some don't believe in ancestral. There are those to take the calling seriously and tend to take one step to embrace their gift. Many know presenter Luyanda Potwana

 as a hostar of Nyan Nyan but one thing we did not know is that he has accepted his ancestral calling.

According to "Times Live" the Nyan Nyan presenter is one of the few presenter who recently open up about their sangoma calling. If you are Nyan Nyan viewer you would have noticed by now that Luyanda is sometimes seen wearing white beads around his neck.

With pride it is said that Nyan Nyan presenter took it to Facebook where he was seen revealing his gift and calling of sangoma. According to the "Times Live " this is what he said :

"You know me as a South African television host. However, this is a side of me that is unknown to the public. My ancestral spiritual calling. After all, I am my ancestors – and my ancestors are me. I kept this away from social media, not because I was ashamed of it – I just wanted to walk the journey quietly. However it is now time to reintroduce me." He said in Facebook.

Luyanda Potwana is a South African television presenter best known for hosting the SABC1 youth reality series Nyan' Nyan. Potwana knew from an early age that he wanted to be in the entertainment industry and after completing his matric in 2005, he packed his bags and left East London for Johannesburg.

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