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Mzali Wami: Sibongile is the character that viewers love to hate

March 06, 2021 By Wesley4658

Nolwazi Ngubeni has received a lot of love for her performance as the villain Sibongile. Could this role win her another SAFTA?

In the early stages of the storyline, Sibongile was simply a woman desperate to become a mom. But as the show progressed, Sibongile evolves into a conniving woman who, surprisingly enough, has won the favour of many viewers.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why the audience loves to hate Sibongile so much.

A liar and an evil person

Sibongile harbours a secret that no one else knows. She stole a woman’s child on the same day she lost her unborn child. She has been lying to her husband and now, the past comes to haunt her as the truth about this dark secret she’s been hiding for years slowly unravels.

Viewers couldn’t contain their hate for all the secrets she’s kept, but at the same time, viewers love how well Nolwazi Ngubeni has handled this role.

Sibongile will lie and do whatever she has to do to ensure she does not lose Ntokozo. She will stop at nothing to get herself in a better position than her nemesis, Joyce.

Just when you thought all of the odds are stacked up against her, Sibongile surprises us with yet another conniving plan up her sleeve. She does all this with a beautiful smile on her face so that you almost forget all the evil things she’s done in the past.

An award-winning performance

Nolwazi’s return to the small screen has been enthusiastically received by audiences, especially those who recognise her from before. The compliments have been trickling in from all corners of social media.

Thankful acknowledgement

The actress, who’s also a casting director to some of our favourite TV shows, acknowledges the love she’s been receiving from this role. She also hopes that viewers will continue to receive this character with great excitement, especially after her long break from acting.

Mzali Wami airs every Monday on Mzansi Magic and comes express to Showmax and DStv online.


Content created and supplied by: Wesley4658 (via Opera News )

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