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Uzalo - Nomaswazi is still digging but will she find out the truth

Nomaswazi (Omuhle Gela) isn’t one to stop once she’s put her mind to something. So when she’s told not to dig into her murdered dad’s past by his best friend Mamba (Mzwakhe Mashazi), her grief and anger won’t let her stop.

Nomaswazi was the apple of her father’s eye and he loved her very much. She felt no one else understood her like he did, and so losing him was possibly the worst pain she has ever felt. She’s angry and wants someone to pay for his death.

Her main mission is to find whoever was involved in her father’s killing, and nothing matters more to Nomaswazi. She plots and plans, and she comes up with a solution – and with her street-smart mind, IT degree and killer looks, she’s an unstoppable force.

And although Nomaswazi has never really felt understood by her mother Njinji (Thembi Nyandeni), it seems her mission to avenge her father’s death will not only bring them closer, it may just reveal how much the two headstrong women have in common.


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Nomaswazi Omuhle Gela


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