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South African Dj responds to those who say he does not bath

DJ Sbu, who is based in South Africa, has provided a response to those who are making fun of him. People are concerned about him as a result of him being seen with a long beard and dreadlocks. Others are concerned about his mental health despite the fact that some claim he does not bathe. They believe that he is dealing with a lot at the moment.

I have recently received a few new messages. I've heard that I'm trending once more. Where did I go wrong with both my beard and my hair? Do you love me any less now than you did before? It would appear that I do not shower. I beg you, just leave me alone. There are matters of a more grave kind to be discussed in this nation. Since I have been employed for a considerable amount of time, I have nothing more to demonstrate. I'm not going to shave my beard, and I'm also not going to shave my dreadlocks. Don't be concerned about how I am. Have a great weekend. " He Said.

I am at a loss to name another celebrity who has contributed more to the betterment of the lives of black children than DJ Sbu. You ought to be motivated, not laughing at others. Said @Noel.

"Since he is a prominent person, they won't leave him because of it, therefore he must learn to deal with the heat that comes with it." Said @BoitumeloCaleb.

"Another important topic to cover is his mental health," the speaker said. Said @Ice


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