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Breaking News: Lasizwe Checks Into A Mental Health Wellness Facility- He has left his Legion of Fans

Unscripted TV drama star Lasizwe Dambuza, has opened up before about his psychological wellness issues and the significance of dealing with your psychological and passionate prosperity. In a post earlier today, he left his army of fans worried in the wake of uncovering that he as of late registered himself with a psychological wellness office. 

He shared a video of the room he has been conceded to, and we can see his baggage sacks on top of the bed. Because of not feeling great for the recent months, Lasizwe has chosen to enjoy this reprieve to zero in on his psychological wellness. 

He inscribed the post "One thing about me, I am not bashful to communicate how I feel. I have registered myself with a Mental Health Wellness Facility. I haven't been alright for as long as months. I have been so discouraged. I have chosen to battle this by enjoying some time off and managing this 1 on 1," he shared. 

His fans took to the remark area to wish him a quick recuperation and complimented him for this bold choice. Television host and rapper Boity Thulo has likewise shown love to him saying sharing this will give more individuals the boldness to battle their psychological well-being issues. "Much thanks to you for sharing this. What's more, being so legitimate. It will give such countless individuals mental fortitude to be straightforward with Theo selves also," she remarked. 

Here is a portion of the responses. 

"That is extraordinary consistently deal with yourself and your emotional well-being. Wish you a speed recuperation sweerie," 

"This is administration Lasizwe. Not avoiding being genuine and ensuring your emotional well-being. Gifts to you on your excursion." 

"All around well done Lasizwe, takes a great deal to proceed to consider more to share, Im truly pleased with you. Sending virtual embraces," 

"So pleased with you for dealing with our mental wellbeing. Taking care of oneself is vital," 

Lasizwe Dambuza on Instagram: “One thing about me, I am not shy to express how I feel. I have checked myself into a Mental Health Wellness Facility. I haven't been okay…”

This isn't whenever Lasizwe first has drilled down into his emotional well-being battles. Last year he deactivated his online media accounts saying he had lost his real self and had become excessively phony. He requested that his fans appeal to God for him. 

"I've lost my actual true self! I have become phony and plastic! The acclaimed beast has snagged me! How you can help me is to petition God for me! Genuinely if it's not too much trouble, appeal to God for me! It would truly help," he composed. 

"So with the prompt impact, I am erasing all my web-based media applications and starting an excursion of self-disclosure." 

He later ended his quietness about the short rest and expressed gratitude toward each and every individual who sent him receive well messages, To every individual who sent me receive well messages, Thank you to such an extent! Your messages kept me warm during a dim stage in my life, I am as yet taking on a triumphant conflict! Melancholy is genuine and destructive! I love you and like you to such an extent! I feel free. 

Lasizwe isn't the first celeb to drill down into his emotional wellness battles. First light Thandeka King as of late took to online media to pen a passionate post saying she was genuinely drained. 

I'm genuinely worn out and it Is alright for me to say that. I think assuming I say I am sincerely worn out it will support somebody who might be listening who Is genuinely worn out and depleted to say they are sincerely drained and depleted, 

I think you folks imagine that since we are at the center of attention we work on TV it is only a task. It's a task that accompanies many requests, when we complete the process of shooting, we actually need to get back home and be mothers, accomplices, girls, and sisters, and now and then pay attention to the issues of others when we are worn out. Be that as it may, what happens when we are worn out sincerely and mentally? she said. 

We wish Lasizwe the individuals who are experiencing psychological well-being issues love and light.



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