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Makwa Believes Artwork Designers Deserve Royalty Cuts In A Song

For someone who was allegedly robbed of songs he produced, you would think Makwa would spread a massage of negativity and trying to keep all the profits to himself but that's far from the truth.

That's because not only is Makwa looking out for other fellow artists and producers not to be robbed in split sheets but he's also looking out for artwork designers too.

Back in the days when music was just starting to get commercialized and exploited for monetization, album or song artworks didn't really matter that much. As time went on th though, artworks started to become more and more relevant to the point where its absurd that a song would be released without an artwork cover.

Makwa took to his Facebook account to say that he believes that artwork designers deserve to be included too when profits of a song are split because they also played a huge role in that specific song.

So far Makwa is the only artist who has spoken up about this issue that seems to be a taboo in the Hip Hop community. Most of the times, artwork designers like music video directors, are just contractual workers who never get a split when royalties of a song hit the bank.

Do y'all think is achievable what Makwa is trying to accomplish with including artwork designers in split sheets?? Let's talk in the comments section


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