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Black Twitter Says New Uyajola 99 Presenter Is "Too Soft"

You can tell just by the number of tweets before and after MojaLove Uyajola 99 show plays just how much South African viewer's love the show.

It's a trending to pic every week with everyone talking about the latest episodes of the show that has been known to be always full of drama.

If you haven't watched the show I'll let you in on it a bit, basically the show goes all around South Africa helping people who seek help finding out if they're partners are cheating and every week it's the same, drama all the way.

I guess you'd think that the people are drawn to the drama on the show but black twitter seems to think different, they don't just love the show but they love it more when Jub Jub is the one presenting the show.

This week fans of the show where introduced to a new female presenter escorted by new female bodyguards. The viewers of the show went to twitter to say that they would prefer to have Jub Jub to present the show on his own.

They said the Ntombi Ngcobo Mzolo was too soft for the show and was that she was easily handled and dismissed by the culprit caught cheating, again saying that Jub Jub would have been better.

They accused the presenter Ntombi for being too emotional for the show that she should leave her feeling at home.

Not everyone was against the new presenter as some tweeps said that she was still new to the show and that she should be given a chance to ease in into the show .

Here's what BlackTwitter thought about the show.

If you watched the show how do you think Ntombi did?

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