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Khanyi Spill The Beans About Dubai Incident With Kudzai


Months after the Khanyi and Kudzai love drama dominated social media, she finally addresses it. In her song Shiyi' ndoda eDubai, she was shown mocking Kudzai, who had taped himself crying on camera. Now Khanyi explains why she wasn't mocking her bae.

Khanyi expressed gratitude for being given a platform to speak about Dubai and put it to rest in an interview broadcast on her Instagram stories. She stated the song was never meant to criticize Kudzai, but rather to help him express his emotions, which men are not taught to do.

“I was happy for that platform since I never spoke against Dubai, which was mocked. But it was really a declaration of empowerment and self-worth. If you're not happy, leave and work things out.

“I dedicated it to Kudzai for being a man and exhibiting feelings since men can't and battling for the person you love publicly. Because it requires a lot of strength,” said Khanyi.

The uproar on social media prompted Khanyi to leave the plane and avoid dealing with it. The lady on the plane approached her and said she was missing and presumed dead.

After that, she snapped a photo with Khanyi to prove she is still alive Khanyi said she left Dubai to safeguard her mental health.

Her decision to leave was based on her mental health at the time. “I can't operate in this environment, so let me go home,” she pleaded. When Khanyi arrived she went to see her father's grave. We now know it was to safeguard her mental health.

As a result of this, Khanyi returned to Dubai to resolve matters with Kudzai. That night, she had to rescue her 8-month old romance.

“Not everything is about you...”, Lasizwe observed on his life in Dubai.

Remember the dawn!! You don't want me there? Stop!” yelled Lasizwe.

“Everything I had, I shared with you,” Kudzai remarked when the incident was still fresh. I replied sweetie, South Africa is busy, you don't make that much, how about we travel somewhere and try? I set up a corporation in Dubai with Khanyi as a 50% shareholder, and she chose the name. I was going to conduct my normal work while she did her social media,” he remarked.

“I paid over R100k to register a firm, even if I had to fight with my friends. It's all on me, sweetie. You should've just told me. Was it that bad? How much of my own did I give up to... I should've heeded my mum I didn't lie to her. “I've never cheated on her,” Kudzai added.

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