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Look Inside The Queen Elizabeth's II Palace, Which Is Called The Buckingham Palace

Throughout Buckingham Palace, silks and fabrics abound, as do antique artifacts and precious Old Master paintings. Built over a long period of time by a variety of royal families, these mansions generally exhibit a wide range of interior design styles that are just breathtaking. 

1:1844 Room

In this chamber, the Queen and other royal family members greet and distinguish visits from other guests. 

2: White Drawing Room, Buckingham Palace

This magnificent chamber, which is often used to host parties, is where the Queen frequently tapes her annual Christmas message. Sometimes, the monarch enters through a secret door hidden behind a mirror or a cabinet. 

3: Throne Room

The throne room, with its dramatic red curtains, is a prime example of this. The Chairs of Estate are the official names for the two thrones. 

4: Crimson Drawing 


It's a vibrant shade of red with gold accents. Morel and Seddon, the king's primary suppliers, provided the superb furnishings for the majority of the apartments. 

5:Grand Reception Room

The famed Parisian tapestry company Gobelins provided six magnificent tapestries for this ballroom, which tell the narrative of Jason and Medea.

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