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OPINION: Skeem saam is the most educational show on television right now like it or not

Skeem Saam is everybody's favorite these days


Sources: Skeem Saam Twitter page

Skeem Saam is a soapie that plays on Sabc1 weekdays at 18:30. This show has more than 15years airing on the television screens it has also more than a million viewers on each episode. The reason why Skeem Saam is one of the soapies that people want to watch and not miss an episode is that, it is educational meaning that you learn something after watching every episode it is a worth watching show. Skeem Saam always trends on Social Media because of how it influences people to behave and have respect for others.

Skeem Saam has many talented career which are very young people who make this show so trendy and most educational. There characters like Pretty, kwaito , Koloi, Clement, Mapitsi and Thabo to name the few. These young actors started at a very young age to appear on the Skeem Saam soapie and now they are fully grown and are able to take any storyline and make it influential to teach the young viewers about the consequences of the their actions. It has also taught us that no matter how many years you have lived with someone don't trust them like John, Meikie and MaNtuli's situation.

We have seen the storyline about Clement and how the community felt about him. This show has taught people to accept others just the way they are and if they are making a mistake of living that kind of life they will eventually learn from their mistakes and do what is right for them in order to be happy.

Right now the show is educating the viewers about the consequences of taking the law into your own hands on Meikie storyline, it is for those who do things without thinking straight.

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