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The story of garden of Eden has happened on Rythm city

Love is something that no one can stand againts when two people are feeling a huge connection, between themselves and sometimes this becomes an enemy to many people. Because their weakness are getting expose and this cause many people to lose whatever they have worked hard for, with some says love concurs all but the story of Eden has taught many people that obedience, is the key to overcome everything, mostly on the pastors who hare serving God .

Rythm city has been doing wonders this days with the story that they provide to the people and this has caught many people, unexpectedly when they see the man of God Pastor Makoro having intimacy with Pearl Genaro.As man of God he knows that sex before marriage is not accepted in the Christian world.

The gospel that he preaches to the people has made him one of the greatest pastors that the whole community, of Diekloof to respect him but now now things might get bad as the pastor has broken some of his rules.

Because he has known as a powerful man of God that makes things possible to those who dont believe, this can expose him and lose his powers because he has broken the law and he might be exposed to his congregants.

Will the man Pastor Pastor Makoro be expose as the Pastor for his actions that he did to his lover, because Pearl is one of the trouble girls that a man cannot trust and with people looking at them,this can alsibcause embrassement to them.

More is still to come on Rhythm City this month and a lot is expected to this two after this , intimacy that they had on Monday.With the likes of Pule feeling that the Pastor has stolen his girl, things will interesting.

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