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Shaun Mkhize reveals that Zweli Mkhize is her father

Nobody knew about it

Mamkhize has taken it to social media yesterday to reveal that the former Minister of Health Zweli Mkhize is her father. She said this on her Instagram page yesterday after spending a day with him and his brother.

They actually look the same. This has shocked many people because they didn't know that they are related. Some of the fans are excited that Mamkhize gets to open up about her close family, like she reveals who Zweli Mzkhize is to her.

They took pictures together and they looked very happy to be reunited. I have to say that Mamkhize really loves her family because it looks like she welcomed Zweli Mkhize with open arms.

Some of the fans are saying that it now makes sense why Zweli and Shaun are so wealthy. I have to say that Shaun is a working hard woman and she knows where good business is. People think they are working together to make each other rich and being independent.

Another thing in my opinion I don't think Zweli is her real father, Shaun Mkhize could be saying this just to show respect to him. Shaun and Zweli looked like they are on the same age. Other people are saying that they are cousins. At the end of the day it is beautiful that Mamkhize has someone to look up to like Zweli Mkhize. They could be related because both of their surnames are the same. Shaun is a very kind woman.


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