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Divorce Affair

Meet the son of 'Brutus' Themba Ndaba whom he had with Sophie, their resemblance is so amazing

Due to his long-ago divorce from Sophie, Themba Ndaba is one of the performers who prefers to remain vague about his personal life. This includes where he currently resides with his children and his current spouse.

Themba Ndaba became well-known throughout South Africa with his breakthrough performance as the Queen on Mzansi Magic, which he played alongside the immensely popular Brutus.

More and more viewers have developed a soft spot for Brutus thanks to the actor's outstanding performance. Themba is one of those celebrities whose personal life is so low key that few people would believe he is anything like his Brutus character in real life, but they fell in love with him because of his humor.

Themba is a doting father and husband to his three beautiful children, including the two he had with ex-wife Sophie Lichaba, as are many other renowned individuals.

Themba and Sophie's marriage lasted from 1998 to their 2007 divorce. They had two children during their marriage, making Themba a father to three.

This is a collaborative effort between lwandle, Rudo, and Ndaba Sibusiso.

But now I'd like to show you some pictures of his second son, who takes after his dad more than his mom.

Themba's son is a young man just starting to forge his own path in life, so I don't know much about him beyond the fact that he is in his mid-20s.

In the pictures below, I think you'll be able to spot Themba Ndaba's kid.


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Themba Ndaba


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