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Reason why MaCele is the ultimate Queen on UthandoneSthembu (OPINION)

MaCele is the first wife of Musa Mseleku on UthandoneSthembu on mzansi magic. Every season the show follows their everyday lives and how their polygamous marriage works. MaCele oftenly called Mamkhulu is the pillar of the entire household. However she oftenly gets misunderstood by viewers.

On yesterday's episode people felt MaCele was being harsh or rude because she hadn't healed from having sister wives. MaCele doesn't mince her words she says things the way they are and people feel she should be more accomodative.

If you can clearly check MaCele is the only one whose never threatened to leave Mseleku. She's allowed her husband to have other wives and he lives with them while she lives elsewhere. If anything she's the least loved wife here but she's the most loving.

On last season she complained to her husband about her needs being neglected while her husband focuses on the other wives than her. MaCele sacrifices a lot for this family and tolerates a lot. Even Musa once said "MaCele would never leave".

People should never forget that there's a polygamous marriage in the Mseleku homestead because of her. One would wonder if the other wives would have agreed if they were the first wife. However no wife is better than the other they are all needed for their polygamous family to function.

Well Done Macele though you're doing a great job.



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