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Umlando Challenge|| What is it? How to do it?

The word Umlando has been trending online and videos of people are coming out. If you are in the dark about what is this Umlando, then good thing because this article is here to help you.

Umlando is a song with a great beat produced and released by Toss, 9umba, Mdoovar featuring Sir Trill, Young Stunna, Lady Du, Sinomsolo. The song has a great beat to it and this caused people to create a dance for it and ultimately a challenge.

The song lyrics explain how the dance is done. "Ngi muvisa ifigure ka lula" which translates to moving your waist softly. Most people who are doing the dance a men but even woman do it.

The twist to the dance is that people are doing the dance in different places and then they compile all the clips together to make a great video.

Lady Du also did the challenge at her place. She captured the dance at a balcony, in the bathroom, outside and on her stair case.

Young Stunna, who is features on the song also posted his video on Twitter today doing the dance. His video looked luxurious as he did the challenge at what looks like a upper class neighborhood and next to Mercedes Benz cars.

Robot boy also joined in and his video had many applause. In the comments, everyone was saying he did the dance exceptionally well. He did the dance at the Soweto towers, up on the roof, in what looks like a park and in the middle of the road.

This is quite a fun dance and great for the promotion of the song. Will you be trying the dance?

The challenge is on going and many people are still joining in on the challenge. Who do you think will win this challenge?

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