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Heartbreaking Pictures: What Singwa's Boyfriend Did To Her Before She Was Brutally Shot Nine Times

Gender based violence is a very serious problem in South Africa, women and children get killed every now and then, the most painful part of is is that they are in many cases killed by the people who are suppose to be the ones who protect them, their lovers, their relatives, brothers, cousins, people who are suppose to make sure that they are protected and well taken care of, but they turn to be monsters and kill them in the most cruel and brutal manner, just like it happened to a 35 year old woman who was reportedly gunned down nine times on the chest by unknown gunmen.

According to reports, Singwa Namhla Mtwa was shot nine times on the chest and lost her life, this happened after she was trying to get out of an abusive relationship she was in with a man who approached her and promised her heaven and earth, but things got ugly and she turned into his punching bag, he would assault her very now and then, leaving her with bruises all over her fragile body, as if that was not enough, the poor woman was killed like a thug.

Twitter is buzzing after Singwa was reported to have been killed, i ages of the bruises she suffered at the hands of a man who claimed to love her are making rounds on social media, people are angry after seeing what the man did to the poor defenseless woman, it is indeed heartbreaking to think how a man would do such things to a fellow human being, a woman who can't fight back for that matter, but he did it anyway and found pleasure on it.

The pictures are heartbreaking, the bruises on her face and eyes, all over her body, she was definitely going through a lot, the man was making her life a living hell, and as if that was not enough, the woman was brutally murdered, now he is a suspect.

One wonders why is it that people chose to be abusive instead of leaving a relationship that is not working out, nobody is forced to stay in any relationship, particularly men should understand that if a woman decides that she doesn't want the relationship anymore, that does not give them any right to murder or abuse them, they should just walk away and move on with their lives ni matter how much they loved the woman.


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Heartbreaking Singwa Namhla Mtwa South Africa


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