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"Get a job, papa" lady tells her unemployed boyfriend on Sengkhathele

Seng'khathele is a show on Mzansi Magic hosted by Lerato Mvelase. She helps people break up with their partners and from toxic relationships. The show is meant to help give them the confidence to go through with it but most times it just seems as though people want to humiliate their significant others.

Mazwi wanted to break up with Gugu this week

Mazwi painted a picture of an irresponsible woman. He made his now ex-girlfriend out to be the villain in his story. He claimed that she would be partying every single weekend without any time for him. That she focused mainly on her friends and no one else. But the story changed once Gugu had her say.

She clarified that she has a catering business which makes her work every weekend. She is helped by her friends as Mazwi refuses to help her. His insecurity shone through brightly and she didnt help by suggesting he get a job. However, it is clear that she was more concerned about providing and he just wanted more intimacy.

Social Media Response

One viewer wrote, "Insecurities is killing this guy and i feel like this lady is making more money than him which is why he's thinking all this stuff he thinking #SengKhathele"

While another user noted, "Haibo Gugu is being dumped for making money that supports the whole family?#SengKhathele"

A final user wrote, "This guy must go carry those tent poles &  help get that tent up instead of being a nuisance🙄 #SengKhathele"

Unemployment is a huge issue in our country and so it is understandable by Mazwi doesn't have a job. I wish he would take more initiative in being a provider.

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Source: Seng'khathele on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 161

Content created and supplied by: Ndumiee (via Opera News )

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