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Things Get Heated on Generations The Legacy-Kabisi Is Haunted By Tamryn

Ages The Legacy 

Tshidi has brought wretchedness into his life. At the point when she came into his life the family didn't care for it. She came in light of the fact that she needed a security from him however presently things are escaping hands. Kabisi was debilitated with a kidney disappointment. He had an uncommon blood classification which was hard to get his kidney giver. Tshidi chose to do bootleg market to think that he is a kidney. She reached Doctor kanono and they discovered that Tamryn is a similar blood classification as him. They offered her some cash however she requested more. They captured her and took her kidney without her authorization. She attempted to fled however she fizzled, they wound up killing her and take additional parts from her including her blood. 

Kabisi didn't realize that it was Tamryn who given him a kidney. He discovered later on and he was baffled on Tshidi yet it was past the point of no return. He enjoys no harmony since she is searching for her kidney. At whatever point he is going he is seeing Tamryn's phantom and she needs her kidney back. He can at this point don't rest around evening time since she is consistently in his fantasies ,requesting him to offer back her kidney. Tshidi has attempted to quiet him down however it isn't making a difference. 

He is taking his disappointments on Tshidi. He is faulting her for all that is occurring to him. She can rest around evening time yet he can't rest around evening time. Being spooky by a phantom is certifiably not a no problem since it is influencing him intellectually. He embarrassed himself in people in general and Tshidi is furious with him yet he isn't taking it. 

Tamryn needs her kidney back and accordingly implies that on the off chance that he take it back he will pass on. It isn't right to take somebody's kidney without their authorization. 


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