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Should Siyacela pay a fine to Thando's father?

Thando's father demands a cow from Siyacela


Sources: MojaLoveTv Twitter page


Siyacela Dlamuka is a 17 years old young man from KwaZulu Natal. He is known for his reality show on Moja Love channel. Siyacela is also known for getting married at the age of 15 to his high school sweetheart. Many people know Siyacela for disrespectful manners he has towards older people than him. He usually don't choose his words wisely, he can say things that are hurtful to people. Viewers have stated that Siyacela is very spoiled by his dad, that is why he doesn't choose his words wisely.


Siyacela Dlamuka just met with his father in law but things did not end very good between them. Thando's father believes that Siyacela has disrespected him in a worse possible way in front of people on top of that. Thando's father called Siyacela to meet him in a public eating place, Thando's father expressed his emotions towards Siyacela on what he has done to him, and he demands a living cow as a fine from Siyacela. Siyacela refuses to pay up the fine because he feels like he does not have to respect Thando's father, because he never been on Thando's life and supported her as a father. Siyacela says he is the one who takes care of Thando through thick and thin


In my opinion i think Thando's father just need the fine from Siyacela to finish up the damages at Thando's home. They demanded a living cow from Thando's father which he doesn't have right now. Unfortunately his strategy did not work at all because Siyacela does not like Thando's father, and a cow it is too much to pay such damages of disrespecting someone. Siyacela should man and respect people young or old.

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