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Legendary singer fighting for his life

Ed Sheeran, once ended up being violently wiped out in the wake of eating two liters of chocolate frozen yogurt. 

The 30-year-old pop star, completed the Big Kahuna Challenge in Rhode Island in 2013, after he was encouraged to test himself by his showbiz amigo Taylor Swift - but the involvement with last incited him shot spewing. 

Discussing his dietary examples, Ed shared: "I used to be a pizza, and chips man and that is all I ate anyway when I started daring to the furthest corners of the planet my thing of it was if a whole culture goes". 'This is our thing' and 'we love it'. Then I will give it a shot because when you go into any bistro and there's a cook there and they work in something it ought to be satisfactory. 

"Wasted nothing and that is the hardest thing about eating in America considering the way that the part gauges are huge. I used to reliably finish them anyway by then I changed into a fat **** and as of now when I return, I need to ask can you half or quarter it." 

The 'Stunning' hitmaker not actually settled to astonish Taylor during the frozen yogurt challenge. 

However, he was finally left tendency shocking and was "cleared out all around the floor". 

He told the 'Off Menu' computerized broadcast: "She had invited us to her place in Rhode Island subsequently we showed up, and she said there's this unbelievable minimal frozen yogurt place in the town. 

"We went there, and they had this frozen yogurt eating challenge called the Big Kahuna Challenge and presently, I looked like I can do this, I understand I can do this, and it was something crazy like two liters of frozen yogurt and I took after I can do that. 

"I'm there with Taylor and my kin and they bring this frozen yogurt out anyway you need to add trimmings and I stupidly said tacky bears, which will finish you off so I start eating this thing and I get mostly through and go 'I'm killing this' and considering the way that it's Taylor stores of fans terminated turning up so at last there are 20-30 young children going 'you can do it Ed!'.

"I get to 3/4 and I start shivering and I'm like man this is very f***** up and I'm there shivering, and I have one and a half liters of frozen yogurt in me with these tacky bears yet I have the strain of these youngsters watching me and Taylor is playing 'Eye of the tiger'."

Ed Sheeran was violently sick after completing ice cream challenge (

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