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Skeem saam Eunice Song Leaked While she Is Hospitalised

Skeem Saam Eunice song leaked while she is hospitalized

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Skeem saam is a well known TV Soapie that is loved by everyone across the globe,the show has many fans and many views as it is very educational and teaches people about their everyday lives.

Skeem saam has been having hot episodes which left many fans impressed due to how the episodes are very educational.

Eunice has been the most famous girl lately on Skeem saam as she has been blowing up lehasa's money .

She had so many friends who only wanted her for her money and nothing else since she was blowing up money like crazy,she even got to a point where she blew up all the money and some was stolen by kgosi.

In the process of her blowing money,she even recorded a song where she was even a singer,Eunice then was later hospitalized and after running a few tests on her body they found that she has been on drugs.

Eunice is now suffering and wants drugs in her system ASAP.

However it is not possible because they are sending her to rehab where she will get help from

Eunice song has been released in the midst of her being in pain and suffering from all the drama she has been going through.

While kgosi is living his best life at Eunice flat and has now taken over Eunice Flat and everything that she has.

This show is very educative and hope all the youths can learn a thing or two about it.

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