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Top 8 Celebs Who Prefer Their Natural Beauty To Photoshop

Imagine being one of these famous people. Being so attractive that you don't need to try to be perfect?

Part of me is ecstatic for these celebrities, while another part of me is envious of their genetic luck.

Call it a mash-up of happiness and envy.

Jessica Simpson

Take a look at her! This is how she looks in the morning, and she honestly looks like the sun is shining in her face!

Her skin is just stunning!

Zoe Saldana

Without a full face of makeup, one of Hollywood's most successful (and not to mention beautiful) female superstars can still wear a terrific appearance.

You go, daughter; keep raking in the dough with franchises!

Gal Gagot

Consider how she captured this makeup-free shot after a "sleepless night, colic 3 months old baby, and an early wake up by my 5 year old."

That takes a lot of bravery.

Jessica Biel

Many people think she's one of the most attractive women in Hollywood, and that opinion doesn't change after the makeup is off.

You really did win the gene lottery, darling.


She continues to show her fearlessness as a rising Hollywood star by posting a selfie without makeup. You go, girl! Keep climbing to the top and looking good while doing it!

Tyra Banks

It's not even necessary for the queen of modeling to use makeup to appear stunning!

She appears to have demonstrated that she can still operate a camera without makeup in her no-makeup selfie!

Lady Gaga

Before the Oscars, she looked like this. She wanted to do not only a bare-faced portrait, but also a towel portrait. Lady Gaga, such a brave selfie!


Woah! Kesha had no idea she had so many freckles!

In 2019, she resolved to "let her freckles live," and she's certainly doing so in this no-makeup selfie!

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Jessica Simpson Zoe Saldana


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