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I Am Not Ashamed Of My Private 'Exposed Video' -Tiwa Says With Full Confidence.

-Tiwa Savage on her lakd video: "I'm not ashamed of it."

The alleged sт of popular Nigerian vocalist Tiwa Savage has gone viral on the internet. The ten-second footage depicts the Nigerian actress in a potentially dangerous situation.

The singer said in a radio appearance that her private footage was released by an unidentified guy who was attempting to coerce her into paying him extortion money.

According to her, "my road manager texted me a video on my phone and asked me to take a look at it." According to her, the video was that of her and her current partner, and she recognized them in it.

"I inquired as to where you obtained this." She reveals that the fraudster had wanted a specific sum of money from her. "I reasoned to myself that it would be unfair for me to submit to someone who is attempting to blackmail me with the purpose of extorting money from me."

If you ask Tiwa Savage about how the video ended up in the wrong hands, she would tell you that her lover unintentionally uploaded it on Snapchat before hastily deleting it. Apparently, she believes the film was obtained before it could be removed from the internet.

"The difficulty is that once you pay them off, it becomes a recurrent and never-ending habit because they are still in the spot where the video was shot." "The individuals continue to swindle you until you are on your knees without mercy." To be clear, Tiwa has stated that she was not willing to risk a disproportionate amount of money to publish an Internet moment captured with the guy she is currently seeing, instead choosing to face her demons and explain the ordeal to his family.

My father passed away several years ago, so he will not be present for this event, but I will have to explain it to my mother and kid," I said. Because she is aware that some angry character may still be out there trying to approach her kid as a means of bullying, she may have to wait until he is a little older and in his mid teens before making the decision.

After much deliberation, Tiwa Savage and her management team decided to go forward with the storyline and include an explainer before the plot lakd completely. "I'm not embarrassed about it. It's with the person I'm dating, and neither of us is involved in any sort of cheating. "We're all grown ups who have found ourselves in an embarrassing circumstance," she explained.

The video makes me think, "Why now?" since it's so embarrassing at a time when the music is so amazing and my growing fans may judge me for doing it. Although she was aware that it would be around forever, with various memes attached to it, she thought, "What to do in a wicked world?"

Tiwa Savage has just released her latest single, Somebody's Son, which features Brandy, America's R&B phenomenon. YouTube users flocked to the video, which had more than 5 million views in just 5 days.


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