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12 Celebrities Who Were Caught Stealing.


Tila TequilaImage result for <a class=Tila Tequila"/>

In 2010, Tila Tequila was caught stealing gum from a CVS store. It's pretty embarrassing, because not only did it get caught, the gum cost no more than $2. She was held back by security, who was told she would be arrested if Tequila refused to pay for the stolen item, so according to reports, Tila made sure she paid the money. Then again, who goes to a store and steals bubble gum? She should look into some DIY classes… that way she'll keep her out of trouble when she's breathing a fresh breath of gum or mint.


Megan foxImage result for Megan fox

While less embarrassing than the entry above, Megan Fox was also caught stealing. In its early days in the movie business, before making millions for every movie it starred in, Fox was rumored to have stolen makeup from a local Walmart store. And let this be a lesson to anyone considering stealing from Walmart, as sources have revealed that Megan was eventually banned from the supermarket chain for life. So, if he needs something—let's say toilet paper—he'll probably have to stop by Target instead.


Kim Richards Image result for Kim Richards

Kim Richards' collapse in public is just sad. The troubled reality star had to learn that she had been fired from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills due to ongoing addiction issues that often worried actors for the aging star's health. Richards, the disgraced aunt of Paris Hilton, had hoped for treatment at several rehab centers, but frankly, nothing worked. How can we know? Kim tried to steal "more than 100 items from Target" last month, which led to his immediate arrest. How do you steal 100 items from Target and get rid of it? Unless it's gummy of course.


Lindsay LohanImage result for Lindsay Lohan

What didn't Lindsay Lohan steal? With her net worth decreasing dramatically month to month, it's really no surprise to find this star on the list. Lindsay Lohan, who was arrested multiple times for stealing, was believed to have stolen jewelry from a design store. He continued to claim that he didn't even remember that he still had the items with him when he left the store and returned home, but no one bought his alibis, resulting in a high fee.


Britney Spears Image result for Britney Spears

Don't act like you forgot crazy Britney Spears on her crazy days. These were probably my favorite years of Brit-Brit; his whole personality changed and the music was comparatively better than anything he had released before his downfall. However, in 2007 Britney was caught stealing a cheap wig that supposedly cost less than $100. Because she had no money with her, Britney thought it was acceptable to steal things when you had no money to pay. I should probably try this when I go to Starbucks: grab a cup of coffee and have it without paying as my wallet is at home.


Amanda Bynes Image result for Amanda Bynes

When Amanda Bynes started going through her own 'Britney' phase, she was stealing anything she could get her hands on. The former Nickelodeon star made endless headlines when she started acting crazy in New York. How can we forget when it was said that Amanda took a taxi from New York to Los Angeles just to see her parents? That's when you realize you're a little crazy! Whatever the case with her health, Amanda was caught stealing clothes from a local store in New York City and was eventually fined.


KeshaImage result for Kesha

Kesha was stealing wherever she could, but can you forgive her for the reasons she gave? Before the singer started making millions of dollars in cash as a platinum-selling artist, Kesha was homeless and would often beg and steal for food to make a living. Although he was not overtly proud of what he did for a living, he had no other way of accessing the things everyone needed, such as food, water, shelter, and clothing. Maybe we can let this slide.


Big SeanImage result for Big Sean stealing

Big Sean isn't all that big when it comes to his money - at least that's what his ex-girlfriend Naya Rivera claims. Following the couple's split, who reported that Naya was nagging about everything Sean did in his private life, the former Glee actor slammed the rapper on social media, stating that his Rolex watch had disappeared when Sean left the house. The Rolex has still not been found, and Naya is convinced her ex-boyfriend bought it, knowing she would never spend tens of thousands of dollars on an accessory with such a price tag. Ah. As they broke up, Naya tweeted: "Now stealing a Rolex from a lady's house. Maybe I'm on Glee and making more money or #triflin."


Lil kim Image result for lil kim curves

Before her solo career took off in 1996, Lil Kim was famous for stealing items from local Brooklyn stores. And it's not hard to guess why. Kim, whose real name is Kimberly Denis Jones, didn't grow up in a family with lots of money, so she was in a hurry when she was kicked out of her father's house as a teenager. His hustle consisted of stealing clothes, helping his friends sell drugs to anyone who wanted to buy them. Eventually, she took Lil' Kim to The Notorious B.I.G, which made her one of the best-known female rappers of all time. Just know that stealing doesn't usually lead to record deals like it does for Kim - so don't try!


Courtney LoveImage result for Courtney Love

Courtney Love's situation is a little different from the other celebrities mentioned in this article. The famous singer was caught stealing many times when he was only 14 years old. And while most parents punish their children for doing such a naughty thing, Love was sent to a foster home before she was set free at the age of 16. His troubled ways eventually led him to find Kurt Cobain and then moved on. get married.


Stephanie PrattImage result for Stephanie Pratt

Did you know that former The Hills reality star Stephanie Pratt was once a major drug addict? When I say big, I'm talking about the kind of addict who is constantly getting into trouble, along with countless arrests, and all the other bad things that come with being a drug addict. First of all, say no to drugs. Pratt was reportedly arrested in 2006 for stealing $1,300 worth of items from a Neiman Marcus store in Honolulu. Fortunately, Pratt finally got her life back on track, overcoming her addiction, and now has a growing empire of her own. No need to steal anything anymore.

Foxy brown Image result for foxy brown

What do you call a '90s female rapper who fell, lost her credibility in the music industry, was kicked out of a record label, and saw her slowly falling off the radar of her fans? A penniless chick named Foxy Brown who lives in a one bedroom apartment. No, this is supposedly true. Gone are the days when Foxy could afford to buy himself the latest Gucci gear, and we know it because the rapper was notoriously caught stealing an $800 braid from his hairdresser.

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