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Zozibini Tunzi's Bodyguards Blocks Makhadzi From Hugging Her

The popular south african musician suffered an embarrassment after she was blocked by the bodyguards of the 2019 miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi,Makhadzi and Zozibini Tunzi's seems to have met for the first time in one of the events,Makhadzi so it fit that she should hug her.The celebrities and the popular individuals lives a very secluded lives under the heavy guards,this makes it difficult for their followers to get in physical touch with them.The life guards on the other hand don't want anyone closer to the person they are assigned to provide safety for,the guards are always vigilant about what is happening around their client,thus making it difficult for anyone to come into physical contact with that respective celebrity or the popular individual.The social media users were disgusted by the behaviour of Zozibini Tunzi's life guards,Makhadzi is also a popular person who is believed to pose no danger to Zozibini Tunzi's life.Zozibini Tunzi was willing to hug Makhadzi,but they never got into contact as the life guard interfered the contact.People believed that the life guard should have done better and control the situation before it causes a public stunt.Some believes that the guard mistaken Makhadzi for an ordinary person or a fan of Zozibini Tunzi.

The politics of identity and status has caused an irreparable damage to the sense of sympathy.People hardly socialize physically with the people they love,especially the musicians,politicians and the football stars,though football stars are not so secluded to the people,they find it very difficult to walk around the populated areas with the fear of being confronted by everyone demanding a photo with him/her.By the way,some of the people do needs the life guards,people envy and hate each other,the rich people have many enemies which can threaten their lives.The business people and the politicians are the ones who needs protection than any other popular people.

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