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Do not miss this out| Alicia Keys is the beauty inspiration that all women need

As a teenanger I was obsessed with Alicia keys , l remember being enthralled by her 2002 grammys performance ( it involved a flamenco -flavoured rendition of her song " a woman's worth") I decided to teach myself how to play the piano the every next day . My mom ran a day care on our apartment ,do l practised on a plastic children's keyboard from the toy box.

I recounted this story to keys herself ,now 40 ,over email a few weeks ago when l got the opportunity to interview her ."Katharine l just want to tell you ,l love your note what a sweet , Amazing memory" ,she replied.

I appreciate you telling me that , because it makes me feel amazing". My inner 16 year old screeched , and so did my outer 33 year old.

What drew me to her then ,and what i still admire to this day is the total ease and authenticity she radiates ,wether she's posing make up free on red carpet or belting out ballads behind the piano - no autotune ,no gimmicks . It's like you just know an aura reader would declare she's surrounded by calm and grounded indigo.

Even her skincare line , keys soulcare with its accompanying matras ,feels genuine in a way that escapes celebrity backed wellness tropes. When she say she's " supper obsessed with the rich nourishing body cream,"and that it's lushness makes " your body feel love on" ,not only do you believe her ,you want to get . In on that action , quick ( for the record it's truly devine as is the reviving aura mist , perfect for those of us who are the furthest thing from calm and grounded.

" I definitely felt really, really clear about who l was , especially when l was first starting ,you know the whole hell's kitchen and Harlem of it all,l knew what I didn't want to wear ,I knew the type of girl I was and am . I've always been a bit of tomboy ,I've always loved Timberlands and I've always felt comfortable wearing jeans and leather jackets .

I was very very conscious of that in the beginning l was in fact is fact belligerent , perhaps. I would say I am not wearing that ,I'm not going to wear that typa person .lt wasn't somebody telling me , " oh put this on " .lf anything my friends were dressing we would go shopping together and they would say ' oh ,what if you rock this hat ? ' and just like regular girls doing their thing ,it was a lot like that for a long time and l think that's how I was able to maintain that".

"There were definitely alot of directions l was pushed in that weren't necessarily good for me. A lot of them probably had to do with people encouraging me to wear less or take off this or to try this where you're just holding your boob.

" Being on industry that focuses so much on the outer ,and less on the inner you can get up wrapped in feeling like you're supposed to be perfect and over every single thing up".

" When my skin got so bad ,I felt like I wanted to crawl under a rock I didn't want anybody to see it, it felt so embarrassing".

How Alicia Keeps herself flourishing:

" These days I am loving meditation ,my meditation definitely keeps my skin clear ,keeps my mind clear and my mind focused .l am also a bit a water fanatic, l have this huge jug that l carry everywhere and it helps.l love dropping orange or lemon on my water getting that vitamin c . I've also been putting blueberries or strawberries , which helps a lot with taste .And I'm 100 per cent exclusively all Keys soulcare on my skins ,l am using that Golden cleanser everyday , morning and night .l love the exfoliator as well" Said Alicia.

Don't judge I will use that lemon mixture with water or orange ,wow Alicia is a Qween , I Stan her

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Content created and supplied by: Judyne Nikita (via Opera News )

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