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King Monada's car is repossessed

On Wednesday, authorities seized King Monada's M4 car. According to a source, King Monada owes the bank a large sum of money for the car, and the bank had no choice but to reclaim it in order to recoup the debt.

You may wonder how superstars make blunders, but the solution is simple and straightforward: Monada is a human being who can make mistakes just like anybody else. People must stop acting as if Monada is perfect or must be perfect just because he is a celebrity; we were all affected by this man-made pandemic; it will be difficult to recover, but we will get there bit by bit; he is one of us; in fact, every celebrity has been affected; to King Monada, I can only say: ‘be strong man; it is part of life; there is nothing to be ashamed of.' What I liked about it was that he had already posted something on his Facebook page, and it sounded like a joke.

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