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Meet The Woman Who Made Her Cheeks Bigger To Feel Pretty

It is rather weird what people would do so that they can feel pretty in their own skin. Its no secret that most people are not happy with how they look and those who have money always go through different surgeries to change how they look ,so that they can love themselves better.

Nothing is painful like not loving the person who you see when you look at the mirror. It has been said that self love is one of the most difficult things in life, hence many people end up loving others with they live which they desperately need for themselves.

Anastasia from Kiev, Ukraine shocked many people when she transformed her face to feel good about herself. She went through many surgeries to get hooked at how she looks . She had Botox, fillers an jawline chin which all cost her $ 2000+.

She has explained how money means nothing to her all she cares about is being beautiful and having the confidence to walk in the streets and not being bothered if people stare at her, because she knows that she is beautiful.

Although she feels good about her cheeks ,many believe that she looked beautiful before she went through all these procedures. She should have just gained the confidence and started loving herself unconditionally.

Some have said that it's her money and body so people should stop judging her because at the end of the day she did what makes her happy ,people should mind their own business and stop judging the woman for doing what makes her happy.

See pictures below.

Below see how people reacted after seeing the video of this woman.

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